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Expect the unexpected...

On New Year's Eve, if someone would have told us what was going to happen in 2020, many of us would not have believed it... but here we are 7 months into a global pandemic, something so unexpected! Have we got used to expecting the unexpected now?

What if you were told you can deposit cash as your business receives it, the deposits would be automatically credited to your account each day, that your CIT company could collect whenever your safe reaches capacity and all without ever needing to handle the cash or make a call for it to be collected. Whether you know them as Intelligent Safes or Smart Safes they perform exactly how you would expect them - ingenious! But, "Tell me what makes a smart safe so smart?" I heard you say...


Intelligent Safes: The Smart & Secure Solution for Cash Management.

Its “smartness” is its ability to connect to the internet, the point of sale, other cash management technology and back-office systems. This allows the safe to provide real-time visibility of its contents and an audit trail of each transaction, down to the exact operator if you wish! The Intelligent safe checks, counts and stores the deposited money safely in a cassette. This could be situated at the point of sale, or in the back office. Each deposited banknote is processed as a separate transaction for auditing (this can be a single or a duo note feeder). Access to the system is via a web portal and 4.3-inch or 7-inch touch screen. Intelligent safes can even be custom built to suit your business needs!

Lincsafe: Local Intelligent Network Connected Safe

CSGUK is an approved installer and maintenance provider for Lincsafe products. Lincsafe is the superior choice in intelligent safes, offering innovative and flexible solutions to cash management solutions. This is reinforced in that Lincsafe delivers more new products each year than any of its competitors!

Watch this video to find out more about Lincsafe:

Ready to make a smart choice for your cash management? Contact our team at CSGUK today! Email us on or call us on +44 (0) 844 8000 448.



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