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Did you smile today?

We're all aware that face-covering has been mandatory across the retail industry and public transport sector since July this year. With hefty fines now enforceable for not adhering to the rules, how can you be sure that your customers and staff are?


It's become our new normal! Before we leave the house now, not only do we check that we've got our phones and wallets - we also check that we've got our face masks! And with good reason too - over and above playing our part in helping to protect the lives of others, with heavy fines now enforceable to business owners who are already feeling the added financial burden of COVID-19, it's important to make sure the rules are followed by all in our care.

Following the new guidelines for businesses to be COVID-19 secure, The Prime Minister has announced new measures for businesses in entertainment, leisure and close-contact centres who must now follow COVID-19 secure guidelines or face fines of up to £10,000! These days we rarely see people's smiles, and a fine of that size certainly wouldn't make seeing them any sooner any easier!

Would you like something to smile about?

At CSG UK, we are committed to keeping you, your staff and your business safe by supplying and installing mask detection systems which now identify and notify when a person is not wearing a face covering. This brand-new technology is designed to increase operational efficiencies, deliver a quick return on investment, and ultimately, protect customers and employees.

Contact CSG UK today for a quick and easy solution to help you keep your staff and business COVID-19 secure - because even though we can't see your smile, WE STILL WANT YOU TO SMILE! Email us on or call us on +44 (0) 844 8000 448.



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