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"How do I look?"

In a body-conscious society, we are always asking "Does this look OK?", and we all have that one special item that as soon as we put it on we feel amazing. Did you know that there is a piece of equipment that would look good on you but also keep you safe?

CSG UK is proud to supply body-worn cameras! They look good on everybody and like our bodies, body-worn cameras come in all different shapes and sizes and they are light to carry around all-day. Body Cameras are most seen on the torso of a police officers uniform but are becoming increasingly popular in the retail and security industry as they are helping to keep store staff and security guards safe from violence in store.

Why you need a body-worn camera

A body-worn camera could be your new best friend! At the touch of a button, it serves as an independent witness, providing transparency of an event in high definition and has internal data storage for keeping the data safe, should you ever need to resolve a dispute quickly and fairly.

CSG UK body-worn cameras

keep your staff safe

We know that as soon as a camera comes out, people's behaviour changes. Studies show that when members of the public see the body-worn camera it actually encourages good behaviour, which in turn reduces and prevents incidents and physical confrontation. Body-worn cameras can capture up to 8 hours on a single charge so your staff members wouldn't need to keep taking it off to charge them up.

In March this year, the UK was hit by Covid-19 and whilst most of us were safe at home,

Our retail staff went out to battle. Though the pandemic brought out the good in so many wonderful people, it also brought out the worst. We saw how crazy people behaved in supermarkets even fighting over toilet rolls and abusing and assaulting our retail army. Recent figures from retailers have shown that incidents of assault, threats, intimidation and verbal abuse have climbed by 100% and there have been over 100 incidents related directly to people using Covid-19 as a threat.

As part of our continued commitment to keep you safe, CSG UK now proudly supplies body-worn cameras to protect you and your staff. Contact CSG UK today to find a body-worn camera with a perfect fit for you and your staff members on or call us on +44 (0) 844 8000 448. We're here to keep you safe!



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