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Keep them Safe!

With protection now more important than ever, CSGUK has solutions for your premises that give you complete control, whether letting visitors in or locking visitors out!

In these unprecedented times, there's a lot of talk about getting a grip on this pandemic, about getting it under control. Doing this successfully depends heavily on the system we have in place to address the safety of our staff, customers and premises.

What sort of measures are we talking about? It's certainly worth asking questions such as: "Where required, are my staff and customers wearing adequate personal protective equipment?"; "How do we know if someone has a high temperature, one of the symptoms of Covid-19, meaning a potential hazard for others in their vicinity"? and finally "How do I address the implementation of a system that addresses these issues?"

We're not suggesting deploying an army of individuals to do door checks to make sure they comply - that's just not practical on a number of levels, whether it be financial or efficient accessibility. Fortunately, technology and know-how are there to help out! Whether it's retail, commercial or industrial, our tailor-made access control and door entry solutions help increase security and make environments safer. How does it work, I hear you say?

Well before people move freely around the building, you can monitor and approve access, make sure they are wearing adequate personal protective equipment and even take a temperature check. And if you have bespoke requirements, CSGUK will provide the right access control solutions for your premises.

The benefits of Access Control Systems

  • Access control systems give you ultimate control and monitoring

  • Replacing locks and keys with electronic access control enables your staff and visitors to move around the premises without having to physically touch a door

  • Contactless entry/exit systems reduce physical contact, are hygienic and help stop the spread of germs

  • On arrival, visitors will receive a QR code instead of an access card

  • Temperature checks monitor staff well-being

  • Supports social distancing and comply's with capacity regulations

  • Increase ease of access for staff and visitors

  • Protect against unwanted visitors

Contact our sales team today for more help in keeping your staff, customers and premises safe: Email us on or call us on +44 (0) 844 8000 448.



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