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Planning for better days to come...

As the UK faces another Lockdown, It's in our nature to plan and prepare... from our businesses to our homes, with the devastations and disruptions that Covid-19 has caused this year, it's easy to forget the good times.

Imagine the scene... it's a busy Saturday, whether you are in retail or hospitality the smell of freshly cooked food, freshly roasted coffee, fresh-cut flowers, freshly printed newspapers or freshly poured beer fills you with hope.

Your customers arrive at the point of sale to complete their purchases and are pleasantly surprised to find that they can now pay for their items without handing their cash over to your staff member and receive their change back, which is perfect for reducing contact. We have all seen self-service devices, they have proven to be popular and efficient across the retail sector and they are definitely a much quicker way of completing purchases and the best thing is they support a customers payment choice.

"Shining a light on the way business transact with their customers

Lincsafe have designed the Lincstation... A customer-facing pay station so sophisticated it transforms the way cash is handled."

"Please tell me more", I hear you say. The Lincstation is an automated intelligent and closed cash draw payment solution which also supports your customers' payment choice as it enables them to pay by Card, Cash or QR/2D (contactless payment method where payment is performed by scanning a QR code from a mobile app)

This can either be fitted to sit on top of the counter or be mounted into the counter at the point of sale and can be colour coded to match the counter. There is a display at the front and back of the device so your customer and member of staff both have visibility of the transaction in progress. The closed cash register leads to increased security as staff will not have access to open it and can be emptied by value conveyor, which reduces risk to your business. Its closed-loop intelligent cash recycler has a capacity of 1500 coins and 600 or 1200 notes, will help improve your businesses cash flow and reduce cash handling costs.

"But what is a Cash Recycler?", you ask! A cash recycler is a device that takes in cash as a deposit and stores the money in a built-in safe. It then reuses or recycles the same notes for later transactions where it would then be dispensed. The Lincstation improves customer service by enabling fast and automated cash payments, calculating and returning the change, so there's never a mistake with changing money. It also reduces cash handling and saves time for staff members counting the cash.

So, the next time you plan a new build or renovation, consider the LincStation. It's the perfect piece of equipment that would be used every day in any business to conveniently transact with cash.

Contact our team at CSGUK today to find out how the LincStation can be an integral part of your cash transacting business! Email us on or call us on +44 (0) 844 8000 448.



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