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Wherever you go - Keeping you safe!

"Whether it's a retail store, restaurant, theme park, hotel or hospital you're visiting, you're sure to see cameras proudly installed by CSG UK!"


Across the UK Studies show that Recorded UK crime fell by 15% last year, The declining crime trend has been assisted by high definition cameras, "The ability to see in much better detail and effectively identify troublesome people is a big advantage."* - Martin Gren co-founder, Axis Communications and voted most influential person in security 2003.

Did you know that for nearly 20 years CSG UK have been supplying, installing and maintaining bespoke CCTV systems in all the places you love?

Our proven track record of security camera supply and installation, makes CSG UK the perfect partner when navigating a solution in the vast, ever changing and highly technical CCTV industry. We're ready to share our combined years of knowledge within the security Industry combined with our experience in customer service and our commitment to keeping you safe. Best of all, you can count on CSG UK to be there when you need us.

Get in touch with CSG UK today to discuss a bespoke CCTV system that works for you!

Contact our sales team or call us on +44 (0) 844 8000 448



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