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Who you gonna call?

Many of us feel like we went to sleep in one world and woke up in another... A world with Covid-19 and IT's new rules! We've all had to learn how to socially distance ourselves in order to keep each other safe. We learnt that singing happy birthday whilst washing our hands would take 20 seconds and of course, the importance of NOT panic buying! And all whilst reducing contact with each other. But reduced contact doesn't have to mean isolation - At CSG UK we'll still be there for you when you need us...

Did you know that CSG UK

offers Remote Support?

CSG UK continues to support customers and clients in these unprecedented times by providing online technical assistance and remote telephone support.

"That's great, but how does that help me?", I hear you say. Well, let's say, for example, that you have one of our amazing smart safes installed. Our remote support includes checking for errors, fault diagnosis, software and hardware resets, interactive user training and even tutorials. Of course, we also provide remote support for CCTV systems which includes changing of passwords remotely, adjusting cameras and ensuring they stay online, keeping disk space up and junk files low.

What are the benefits of remote support?

Remote support solutions increase the performance of your devices and reduce machine downtime. By carrying out first-hand maintenance over the phone or by remote control, the requirement for an engineers attendance is reduced which saves money and keeps disturbance during working hours to a minimum. The use of remote control software assists with both further diagnostic maintenance as well as maintaining and respecting Covid-19 store regulations. Our friendly, experienced team are always more than happy to offer a helping hand either online or via telephone support to help resolve any technical problems you may face. And in the event that an engineer visit is required, you can be sure that all Covid-19 safety precautions are followed to ensure everyone's safety.

So who are you going to call? You can rely on CSG UK to answer your call and be your helping hand, even if it's socially distanced! Get in touch today to take advantage of our service and support team so lend your business our helping hands!

Contact CSG UK today for more information on our remote support service:

Email us on or call us on +44 (0) 844 8000 448.



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