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A History of Safes

Safes have always been an important part of security in our workplace and our homes and these days they are so intelligent, they are more like people. But what are safes and where did their use all start?

A 'safe' is a secure, lockable container used to protect valuable objects, money or documents from theft and or damage such as by flooding or fire. A safe is usually a reinforced hollow box or cylinder with a lockable removable or hinged access door and is often cast from metal for strength and durability.

The earliest recorded use of a 'safe' dates back to the 13th century BC, in the tomb of Pharaoh Ramesses II. It was made from wood and had movable pins that dropped into holes to lock the safe, much the same as used on safes today. 2 Centuries later, safes had become commonplace and were made of oak with bands of iron. Later, safes were made from iron with inner walls of stone, plaster, wood, cement, brick, asbestos and featured alarm bells that would ring if someone were to try to open it and locks that were coded with numbers and letters which could be opened without the use of a key.

In the 18th century William Marr a British engineer had an idea to use double walls of steel with heat insulation between them, designed the first modern-style fireproof safe. And in 1834 two Brothers Charles and Jeremiah Chubb received a patent for a burglar-resisting safe and began a production of safes. The century also saw the inventions of tumbler, combination, code, and time locks that contributed to making safes what they are today.

Today you can deposit cash as your business receives it, the deposits would be automatically credited to your account each day, that your CIT company could collect whenever your safe reaches capacity and all without ever needing to handle the cash to make a call for it to be collected. This is made possible through smart safe technology. Lincsafe, the company known for its innovative and flexible solutions to cash management solutions, uses this technology in its products and does it so well that it delivers more new products each year than any of its competitors! CSGUK is an approved installer and maintenance provider for Lincsafe products. You can find out more about intelligent safes in this article.

Over the next few weeks, we will continue to explore the past and the role it has in our lives and the future. Come back next Wednesday for more articles - Simply signup here to our newsfeed to stay informed.

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